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DDA Extras is the feed where we provide interviews, inside information on the podcast and play throughs of various game systems. Our Anthology episodes are short arcs of different TTRPGs to showcase each system and shake up our gaming.


Dork Day Afternoon - Scuttlebutt

DDA talks to cast members, game developers and...well...anyone that is willing to talk to us...

Dork Day Anthology: Delta Green - Convergence

DDA's play through of the Convergence scenario written for the Delta Green game system.


Adam Fox: Handler and all the things that go bump in the night.

Brian Polen: Simon Zwicky, Phd

Chris Leslie: Isaac Tomas

Jeremy Fox: Special Agent Kerry Sherbet

Bradley Gloxner: Russel Colmber, Phd, MD

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Dork Day Anthology: Cy_Borg

Coming Soon...

DDA's play through of the cyber punk game Cy_Borg.


Adam Fox: Referee

Brian Polen: D-hole

Chris Leslie: Kick and Havoc

Kyle Ellinger: Fort and Zero

Thomas Flores:

Dork Day Anthology: Into the Odd

Coming Soon...

DDA's long awaited play through of Into the Odd.


Jeremy Fox: Referee.

Adam Fox: Sharbo Tuckis

Brian Polen: Charlette Bloomer

Chris Leslie: Lester McMillian